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  Old Alabama                      Old alabama frOld alabama fr (194.69   Ko)                         "Old Alabama" by Brad  Paisley                                            OLD ALABAMA - COUNTRY LINE DANCE (Explication des pas par Rob FOWLER et danse)
  Just relax Just relaxJust relax (570.29 Ko) "Bye bye" by Joe Dee Messina Line Dance Just Relax, Choreo: Adriano Castagnoli
  Like you Like youLike you (1.51 Mo) "A woman like you" by Johnny Reid  pas de vidéo
  Coming back down Coming back down bruno morelComing back down bruno morel (232.52 Ko) "Won't ya come down" by Derek Ryan COMING BACK DOWN
  Got it good Got it good fr debGot it good fr deb (8.21 Ko) "Got it good" by Jason Cassidy Got it Good (2016)
  Green Earth Green earth debGreen earth deb (168.56 Ko) "Gods green Earth" by M. Callahan GREEN EARTH - Séverine Fillion Festival Craponne 2017
  Rockland RocklandRockland (218.42 Ko) "Trouble" by Sam Outlaw Linedance Rockland (Teach & Demo)
  Rose a Lee Rose a lee de micaela svensson erlandsson source choregrapheRose a lee de micaela svensson erlandsson source choregraphe (425.16 Ko) "Rose A Lee" by Smokie Rose A Lee Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 09/04/2017
  Happy, Happy, Happy Happy happy happyHappy happy happy (68.22 Ko) "Soggy bottom summer" by Dean Brody HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
  Clear Isabel Clearisabel fr 1Clearisabel fr 1 (75.34 Ko)  "Clear Isabel" by Aaron Watson CLEAR ISABEL - Line Dance - DEMO - FLO MORESTEPS
  Break it back down Break it back downBreak it back down (40.04 Ko) " Break it back down" by Pat Green BREAK IT BACK DOWN Line Dance (Démo) - Séverine Moulin Billy Bob's
  Another Country Another country de bruno morel source yankee dancersAnother country de bruno morel source yankee dancers (294.47 Ko) "Another Country" by Rod Stewart ANOTHER COUNTRY
  Stop & café Stop and cafeStop and cafe (46.2 Ko) "Jack's Truck stop & café" by Dale Watson Adriano Castagnoli # Stop And Café
  Hold the line Hold the line debutantHold the line debutant (50.5 Ko) "Hold the line" by Stuart Moyles Hold The Line
  Honky tonk highway Honky tonk highwayHonky tonk highway (8.25 Ko) "Honky tonk highway" by Luke Combs Honky Tonk Highway ( Dance )
  My old boots My old bootsMy old boots (621.18 Ko) "Some town somewhere" by Kenny Chesney MY OLD BOOTS
  Doin' me wrong Doin me wrongDoin me wrong (46.97 Ko) "Doin' me wrong" by Ray Scott Doin' me wrong
  Champagne promise Champagne promise fr mgChampagne promise fr mg (354.46 Ko) "Champagne promise" by David Nail CHAMPAGNE PROMISE Line Dance (Démo) - Séverine Moulin Billy Bob's
  Drunk Drunk debDrunk deb (139.27 Ko) "Drunk, drunk" by Locash DRUNK - Séverine Fillion
  Found Found debutantsFound debutants (99.67 Ko) "Found" by Dan Davidson FOUND
  Pretty saloon Pretty saloonPretty saloon (26.54 Ko) "Siddle's saloon" by Steve Moakler Linedance Pretty Saloon (Teach & Demo)
  Wanna dance Wanna danceWanna dance (20.55 Ko) "Wanna dance" by Nathan Carter Wanna Dance line dance
  Temple bar Temple barTemple bar (98.74 Ko) "Temple bar" by Nathan Carter Temple Bar line dance  Temple Bar - Explications - Danse Country - Eagles Line Dancers Coëtmieux