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  Strongs bounds Strong boundsStrong bounds (408.98 Ko) "Long goodbye" by Dwight Yoakam & Michelle Branch STRONG BOUNDS - Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia
  Dig your heels Dig your heelsDig your heels (186.49 Ko) "Here's to you & I" by Tne McClymonts Dig Your Heels Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 30/04/2017
  Open doors Open doorsOpen doors (528.33 Ko) "Let's open the door" by Vega Open Doors - Sun Valley (Instruction)
  I be U be I be u beI be u be (15.62 Ko) "I be Ube" by High Valley I BE U BE - LINE DANCE (JAN 2017)
  Come back to bed Come back to bed intermediaireCome back to bed intermediaire (66.22 Ko) "Come back to bed" by Trent Tomlinson COME BACK TO BED country line dance chorégraphe Marie Claude GIL
  Big city summertime Big city summertimeBig city summertime (165.69 Ko) "Summertime" by Big City Brian Wright BIG CITY SUMMERTIME
  Think your present Think your presentThink your present (78.56 Ko) "Think outside the boy" by Lauren Alaina THINK YOUR PRESENT - Adriano CASTAGNOLI

  Southern thing

Southern thing id116983Southern thing id116983 (9.37 Ko) "Ain't just a Southern thing" by Alan Jackson SOUTHERN THING de Rob Fowler et Darren Bailey
  Secrets SecretsSecrets (74.54 Ko) "Secrets" by Radio Romance SECRETS - En musique - Danse Country
  Friends  non disponible "You've been a friend to me" by Bryan Adams Friends
  Dixie Girl Dixie girlDixie girl (177.36 Ko) "Dixie girl" by Johnathan East DIXIE GIRL - Séverine Fillion - Walk Through
  Fine Fine pdfFine pdf (1.2 Mo) "Fine" by The Abrams FINE - Dance & Teach
  The farmer wants a wife            The farmer wants a wifeThe farmer wants a wife (351.01 Ko) " The farmer wants a wife" by Lee Matthews The Farmer Wants A Wife
  Twist and turns Twist and turnsTwist and turns (186.59 Ko) "Tomorrow never comes" by Zac Brown Band TWIST & TURNS
  Outta style Outta style l 48 i michel auclair michael lacasse janv 2017Outta style l 48 i michel auclair michael lacasse janv 2017 (60.29 Ko)  "Outta style" by Aaron Watson Outta Style (2017)
  An Underdog An underdogAn underdog (76.6 Ko) "The Underdog" by Aaron Watson An Underdog - Line dance
  Found FoundFound (166.75 Ko) "Found" by Dan Davidson Found Line dance
  California CaliforniaCalifornia (26.95 Ko) "Clifornia" by Big & Rich Line Dance California, Choreo: Dan Albro
  Woman Amen Woman amen country line danceWoman amen country line dance (377.8 Ko) "Woman, Amen" by Dierks Bentley Woman Amen - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)
  Let's go there Let s go thereLet s go there (252.23 Ko) "Let's go tjere" by Dan Davidson LET'S GO THERE - Séverine Fillion & Chrystel Durand
  Shenandoah Shenandoah en francaisShenandoah en francais (75.89 Ko) "Next to you, next to me" by Robert Mizzell Shenandoah, Linedance Demo, by Ole Jacobson, 05/2017
  Day of the dead Day of the dead fr id124450Day of the dead fr id124450 (16.6 Ko) "Day of the dead" by Wade Bowen Day of The Dead
  Shot of glory Shot of glory style catalanShot of glory style catalan (29.85 Ko) "Shot of glory" by Washboard Union SHOT OF GLORY - Cours et danse
  Back to the bar Back to the bar fr id124954Back to the bar fr id124954 (16.95 Ko) "She's got me drinkin'again" by Richard Lynch BACK TO THE BAR - Séverine Fillion