Nom des chorégraphies Fiches des pas Musiques Vidéos
HOLD HoldHold (135.19 Ko) "Maybe I shoudn't" by Matt Broden Hold
BURY ME IN BLUE JEANS Bury me in blue jeansBury me in blue jeans (32.93 Ko) "Bury me in blue jeans" by Granger Smith BURY ME IN BLUE JEANS
DANCING LIGHT Dancing lightDancing light (118.99 Ko) "The light" by The Southern Gothic Galerie vidéos
SWEET JOHNNY Sweet johnnySweet johnny (139.29 Ko) "Swing low sweet chariot" by Scooter Lee SWEET JOHNNY Dance & Teach
GOD ONLY KNOWS God only knowsGod only knows (129.32 Ko) "God only knows" byJason Michael Carroll GOD ONLY KNOWS Country Line Dance choregraphe Marie claude GIL
UNTAMED UntamedUntamed (182.43 Ko) "Untamed" by Cam UNTAMED Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 15/05/2016
WHEELS of LOVE Wheels of loveWheels of love (155.74 Ko) "Till the wheels fall off" by Locash WHEELS OF LOVE - Séverine Fillion
FRENCH KISS French kissFrench kiss (97.69 Ko) "Our first kiss" by Jeff Wood FRENCH KISS - VIRGINIE BARJAUD - WORKSHOP BELT FESTIVAL 2016
THE ISLAND The islandThe island (119.01 Ko) "The Island" by Shauna McStravock THE ISLAND - Séverine Fillion
HONEY I'M GOOD Honey i m good 1Honey i m good 1 (106.7 Ko) "Honey I'm good" by Ritchie Remo HONEY I'M GOOD - Intermediaire
FIFTY FIVE Fifty fiveFifty five (153.64 Ko) "Hard Road" by Steve Azar FIFTY FIVE - Intermédiaire
WHY LIE Why lieWhy lie (98.54 Ko) "Good things in life" by Adam Brand Line Dance Why Lie, Choreographie: David Villellas
BREAK THE RADIO Brek the radioBreak the radio (132.53 Ko) "Break the radio" by Daron Norwood WORKSHOP BREAK THE RADIO- SANDRINE TASSINARI
BETTER TOGETHER Better togetherBetter together (116.6 Ko) "Little crush" by Diana Corcoran BETTER TOGETHER Country Line Dance
FOUR HEARTS Four heartsFour hearts (123.07 Ko) "Hearts were born to fall" by Jake Kellen FOUR HEARTS COUNTRY LINE DANCE
DIME STORE COWGIRL Dime store cowgir 2Dime store cowgir 2 (114.15 Ko) "Dime store cowgirl" by Kacey Musgraves Dime store cowgirl -- Martine
SEVEN DRUNKEN NIGHT Seven drunken nightSeven drunken night (114.73 Ko) "Seven drunken night" by Mike Denver SEVEN DRUNKEN NIGHT COUNTRY
LULLABY LullabyLullaby (98.47 Ko) "Lonely enough" by Little Big Town Line Dance Lullaby, Choreographie: Virginie Barjaud
MY COUNTRY SONG My country songMy country song (99.75 Ko) "Country song and you" by Aaron Parker My Country Song - The Dreamers
WE MARCH ON We march onWe march on (100.6 Ko) "We march on" by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family WE MARCH ON - Séverine Fillion
FROM A TO Z From a to zFrom a to z (112.7 Ko) "Trip around the sun" by Kenny Chesney From A to Z
SKYLINE SkylineSkyline (99.69 Ko) "If I could fly" by Hey Romeo SKYLINE (French version)
DANGEROUS GAMES Dangerous gamesDangerous games (101.68 Ko) "I feel a sin comin'on" by Jason McCoy Dangerous Games - Linedance
HEAVEN ON EARTH Heaven on earthHeaven on earth (132.22 Ko) "Heaven in my woman's eyes" by Mike Denver Heaven on Earth