Nom des Chorégraphies Fiche des pas Musique ter Video bis
Homegrown - Rachaël Mc Enaney HomegrownHomegrown "Homegrown" by Zac Brown Band Homegrown by Rachael McEnaney
Now I do - Guylaine Bourdages Now I doNow I do "Now I do" by Tebay Now I Do
Walking on the Wave - Audrey Watson Walking on the waveWalking on the wave "Walking on the wave" byShane Owens Walking on the wave
City Lights - Adriano Castagnoli City lightsCity lights "City lights" by Deric Ruttan City Lights (WORKSHOP SALARDÚ FESTIVAL 2015)
Town Oh Hope & Memories - Gitte Jakobsen Town of hope memoriesTown of hope memories "Dirty old town" by Johnny Logan & Friends Town of hope and memories
Sweet Dummy - Montse Chafino Sweet dummySweet dummy "Shotgun" by The McClymonts Sweet Dummy
Like a Rose - Chantal & Sandrine Like a roseLike a rose "Like a rose" by Ashley Monroe demo chantal & sandrine
Petit Tiago - David Villellas Petit tiagoPetit tiago "I think I like it here" by Rob Wilson Petit Tiago (WORKSHOP SALARDÚ FESTIVAL 2015)
Keep Cool - Bruno Morel keep-cool.pdfkeep-cool "Close to my heart" by Rune Rudberg KEEP COOL
Love you Forever - Rob Fowler, Rachael McEnaney, Jo Thompson Szymanski Love you foreverLove you forever "I'm gonna love you forever" by Scooter Lee Love You Forever (Demo Scooter Lee) Cours Sév Billy Bobs 10-07-2014
Fire & Lace - The Dreamers Fire and laceFire and lace "Fire and lace" by Gary Fjellgaard & Linda Kidder The Dreamers - Fire & Lace
Sweety - Montse Sweet SweetySweety "You already love me" by Toby Keith Sweety - David Villellas
Fare Ye Well - Angèle Vidal Fare ye wellFare ye well "Fare ye well" by Ritchie Remo FARE YE WELL - COUNTRY'IRISH
3 Day Road - Séverine Fillion 3 day road3 day road "3 day road" by The Washboard Union 3 DAY ROAD - Séverine Fillion
Rainbow - Silvia Calsina RainbowRainbow "Rainbow in the rain" by Clint Black Rainbow
Cost Me - The Teachers Cost meCost me "Cost me everything" by Dayron Sharp Cost Me
Oregon - Silvia Denise Staiti OregonOregon "Getaway truck" by Aaron Watson Oregon - Chorégraphie de Silvia Denise Staiti
Lay Low - Darren Bailey Lay lowLay low "Lay low" by Josh Turner LAY LOW (Demo) Cours Sev Billy Bobs 30/08/2015
Some Day - Séverine Fillion Some daySome day "Some day" by The Washboard Union SOME DAY - Séverine Fillion
Midnight Train - Séverine Fillion/Adriano Castagnoli Midnight trainMidnight train "Midnight train" by The Washboard Union MIDNIGHT TRAIN - Séverine Fillion & Adriano Castagnoli
Rum is the Reason - Rob Fowler Rum is the reasonRum is the reason "Rum is the reason" by Toby Keith Rob Fowler # Rum Is The Reason