Nom des chorégraphies Fiches des pas Musique Vidéos
Hit the diff Hit the diff pdfHit the diff pdf (138.3 Ko) "Hit the diff" by Ritchie Remo HIT THE DIFF de Guylaine Bourdages
Riggin' RigginRiggin (121.54 Ko) "One hand in the riggin' " by Western Underground WORKSHOP SANDRINE TASSINARI SOIREE HHC 16 MAI 2015 RIGGIN
Detroit down Detroit downDetroit down (119.39 Ko) "Shuttin'down Detroit" by John Rich Detroit Down - The Dreamers
Head over boots Head over bootsHead over boots (120.89 Ko) "Head over boots" by Jon Pardy HEAD OVER BOOTS
Shotgun house Shotgun houseShotgun house (68.87 Ko) "Shotgun house" by Shane Worley SHOTGUN HOUSE Adriano CASTAGNOLI Noves 12 06 2016
Strip girls Strip girlsStrip girls (136.05 Ko) "Long legged woman dressed in black" by Shane Owens STRIP GIRLS - Séverine Fillion - Chrystel Durand - TexasVal
Better than that Better than thatBetter than that (131.46 Ko) "Better than that" by Scotty McCreery WORKSHOP SALARDÚ FESTIVAL 2016 - BETTER THAN THAT
Lalali LalaliLalali (122.98 Ko) "This is not goodbye" by Johnny Reid LALALI (Lauras & Lilly) - Dance & Teach
40 miles 40 miles40 miles (128.76 Ko) "40 miles down 25" by James Lann 40 miles
Broken bridges Broken bridgesBroken bridges (126.84 Ko) "Broken bridges" by Jasmine Rae Broken Bridges
Wild Stallion Wild stallionWild stallion (129.03 Ko) "Ghost riders in the sky" by Tornado ou by Appalusa WILD STALLION Line Dance - compte et danse
Sail away Sail awaySail away (126.79 Ko) "Sail away" by Ashleigh Dallas Sail Away - Cathy Dumoulin (Instruction)
Tour in Mexico Tour in mexicoTour in mexico (119.49 Ko) "Go to Mexico" by Coffey Anderson Tour In Mexico
Dixie DixieDixie (111.07 Ko) "About the South" by Rodney Atkins DIXIE
Chasing down a good time Chasing down a good timeChasing down a good time (112.48 Ko) "Chasing down a good time" by Randy Houser CHASING DOWN A GOOD TIME - COUNTRY LINE DANCE (EXPLICATION DES PAS ET DANSE)
Late Express Late express 1Late express (106.06 Ko) "Then it hits you" by Daniel Lee Martin late express silvia denise
Pioneers PioneersPioneers (101.67 Ko) "Pioneers" by The family Brown PIONEERS - Séverine Fillion
Little pleasure Little pleasureLittle pleasure (138.26 Ko) "A guy with a girl" by Blake Shelton Little Pleasure - Michel Lebrun / Blake Shelton - A guy with a girl
My love will follow you My love will follow youMy love will follow you (144.45 Ko) "My love will followyou" by Dierks Bentley MY LOVE WILL FOLLOW YOU
Old and grey Old and greyOld and grey (96.96 Ko) "Old and grey" by Derek Ryan Old and Grey Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 09/04/2017
Are you crazy ? Are you crazyAre you crazy (119.8 Ko) " What's wrong with crazy" by The Bobkatz Are You Crazy ?