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  Don't let her be gone               

Don t let her be gone deb nov mc gilDon t let her be gone deb nov mc gil (503.93 Ko) "Don't let her be gone" by Gord Bamford DON'T LET HER BE GONE Country line dance chorégraphe Marie-Claude GIL
  Country smile Countrys smileCountrys smile (79.92 Ko) "I'll call you" by Tony Ramey Country's Smile - The Dreamers (Instruction)
  Authority AuthorityAuthority (47.24 Ko) "Authority song" by Chancey Williams & the Younger brothers Band Authority - Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner (Instruction)
  Hole down in my heart Hole down in my heartHole down in my heart (159.32 Ko) "Hole down in my heart" by Sam Outlaw HOLE DOWN IN MY HEART
  One more chance One more chanceOne more chance (479.66 Ko) "One more last chance" by Robert Mizell ONE MORE CHANCE Line Dance ( Dance)
  A country high A country high novice country fA country high novice country f (577.21 Ko) "High on a country song" by Sam Riggs A COUNTRY HIGH
  Step by love Step by loveStep by love (33.13 Ko) "Jacob's ladder" by Mark Wills STEP BY LOVE DAVID VILLELLAS
  Strong love Strong love maxence bailStrong love maxence bail (45.75 Ko) "Me and my girl" by Vince Gill MAXENCE BAIL STRONG LOVE
  Lonely drum Lonely drumLonely drum (354.45 Ko) "Lonely drum" by Aaron Goodvin Lonely Drum
  Ouzo & Black Ouzo blackOuzo black (9.13 Ko) "Ouzo and Black" by Didier Beaumont OUZO & BLACK - Séverine Fillion
  Cinderella Cinderella style catalanCinderella style catalan (26.27 Ko) " Hey, I'm a woman" by Lisa McHugh CINDERELLA
  Soldier SoldierSoldier (45.68 Ko) " Soldier" by High Valley SOLDIER - NEW SPIRIT OF COUNTRY DANCE - line dance
  Peaches & nuts Peaches nutsPeaches nuts (729.26 Ko) "Caribbean feeling" by Nathan Carter Peaches & Nuts

  Chasin' tail lights

Chasin tail lightsChasin tail lights (152.47 Ko) "E" by Matt Mason Chasin' Tail Lights - Severine Fillion (Instruction)
  Love takes time Love takes time novsev fillionLove takes time novsev fillion (83.05 Ko) "Love takes time" by Gord Bamford Séverine FILLION --LOVE TAKES TIME--
  In the cheap seats In the cheap seats id117410In the cheap seats id117410 (9.03 Ko) "Cheap seats" by Dallas Smith IN THE CHEAP SEATS
  Meet people Meet peopleMeet people (134.76 Ko) "Kill a word" by Eric Church meet people
  The arrow The arrow magali chabretThe arrow magali chabret (127.08 Ko) "The arrow" by Aaron Watson The Arrow Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 18/06/2017
  Roots RootsRoots (380.95 Ko) "Roots" by Zac Brown Band Roots Line Dance / Marijana - Billy Bob's 23/07/2017
  Cards on the table Cards on the tableCards on the table (236.24 Ko) "I'll name the dog" by Blake Shelton Cards On The Table - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)