Nom de la chorégraphie Fiche des pas Musique ter Video bis
Ball & Chain - Michelle Risley (Mars 2014) Ball chainBall chain "Ball & chain" by Connie Britton & Will Chase Ball & Chain line dance by Michelle Risley - Taught at Eurodance 2014
The Other Man - Séverine Fillion (Fév 2015) The other manThe other man "The other man" by Kyle Park The Other Man
Greater than Me - Maggie Gallagher (avril 2015) Greater than meGreater than me "Greater" by MercyMe Greater Than Me - Maggie Gallagher
Cabbage Down - Séverine Moulin Cabbage downCabbage down "Boil them cabbage down" by The Grascals CABBAGE DOWN - (Demo) Cours MCS Billy Bobs _ 21-07-2011
Dublinant - Gabi Ibanez & Paqui Monroy DublinantDublinant "Irish medley" (Little ol' cowgirl) by Dixie Chicks Coreografies Country - Dublinant
Memphis in Provence - Clara Carducci-Jost & JP Jost Memphis in provenceMemphis in provence "Memphis in Provence" by Dave Sheriff MEMPHIS IN PROVENCE COUNTRY DANCE
Deer Blind - Rob Fowler Deer blindDeer blind "Deer blind" by Aaron Watson & Kevin Fowler Rob Fowler # Deer Blind
Smoky Bar - Bruno Moggia Smoky barSmoky bar  "I only miss her when it rains" by Mario Flores Smoky Bar - Workshop / Chiemgau 2015
Corn don't Grow - Tina Argyle Corn don t growCorn don t grow "Where corn don't grow" by Travis Tritt CORN DON'T GROW -- Présentée par Martine
Believe - Pascal Leplat BelieveBelieve "I believe" by Jackson Moody's Pas de vidéo pour l'instant
Anyway - Bruno Moggia AnywayAnyway "She loves me anyway" by Chancey Williams & the YBB ANYWAY - Cours et danse
Canadian Boots - Mercè Orriols Canadian bootsCanadian boots "Good boots" by Rob Russell CANADIAN BOOTS COUNTRY
Mountain Man - Bruno Morel Mountain manMountain man "Mountain man" by Dean Brody Mountain Man line dance country
Alone - Lidia Calderero & Edu Roldos AloneAlone "Shady grove" by Pinmonkey Alone
To be Saved - Adolfo Calderero To be savedTo be saved "To be saved" by Brent Cobb Line Dance To Be Saved von Adolfo Calderero
Good Riddance - Adriano Castagnoli Good riddanceGood riddance "Good riddance" by Jason Owen Good Riddance
Virginie - Adriano Castagnoli VirginieVirginie "If I died today" by Tim McGraw VIRGINIE - Pot Commun Catalan Oct 2011
Hippie & Cowboy - Adriano Castagnoli Hippie and cowboyHippie and cowboy "Hard to be a hippie" by Billy Currington & Willie Nelson Hippie & Cowboy - Adriano (Dance)
Pizza & Beer - Adriano Castagnoli Pizza beerPizza & beer "Dreaming enough to get me by" by Tony Ramey Pizza & Beer
To be in Love - Séverine Fillion To be in loveTo be in love "Love woukd be enough" by Dean Brody TO BE IN LOVE - Séverine Fillion
Bring down the House - Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Bring down the houseBring down the house "Bring down the house" by Dean Brody BRING DOWN THE HOUSE - NEW SPIRIT OF COUNTRY DANCE
Song to You - The Dreamers Song to youSong to you "My song to tou" by The Prophets and Outlaws SONG TO YOU
SuperHeroes - Virginie Barjaud SuperheroesSuperheroes "Life lines and super heroes" by The McClymonts SUPERHEROES - by Virginie Barjaud
Stay - Mario et Lilly Hollsteinen StayStay "Stay with me" by New West STAY - Dance & Teach