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In my Heart - Magali LEBRUN (Mars 2014)

In my heartIn my heart          

"Ball and chain" / Paul Overstreet In my Heart
The Boat to Liverpool - Ross BROWN The boat to liverpoolThe boat to liverpool  "On the boat to Liverpool" / Nathan Carter


We are Tonight - Dan ALBRO We are tonightWe are tonight  "We are tonight" / Billy Currington  WE ARE TONIGHT -- Line Dance -- Présentée par Martine
Gonna B Good - Pat STOTT & Laura HILBERT Gonna b goodGonna b good  "Gonna B good" / Keith Urban GONNA B GOOD - Par Valérie MOREL le 8 Mai 2014
Fresh Start - Bruno MOREL Fresh startFresh start  "Into the wind" / Brenn Hill FRESH START
Trinity - Bruno MOREL TrinityTrinity  "They call me Trinity" / George McAnthony TRINITY
Come as you Are - Yvonne ANDERSON Come as you areCome as you are "Honkytonk life" / Darryl Worley COME AS YOU ARE -- Line Dance -- Présentée par Martine à Samoens 2014
Power - David VILLELLAS (Sept. 2014) PowerPower  "See you" / Ian Scott POWER - David Villellas
It's only Country - Marie-Claude GIL It s only countryIt s only country  "It's only country" / Lee Kernagan It's Only Country # Line Dance
Recto Verso - Montana Country Show Recto versoRecto verso "Something to die for" / Fiona Culley RECTO VERSO
Love in a Memory - Laurianne ROTY Love in a memoryLove in a memory  "I wish it would rain" / Lisa Mc Hugh "Love in a memory" - United North & South - Concours Cavaillon 20/04/14
Good Start - Adriano CASTAGNOLI Good startGood start  "Sunny sweeney" / Front Row Seats Good Start
Just Married - Silvia CALSINA (Avril 2014) Just marriedJust married  "Toothbrush" / Brad Paisley Just Married
Building Bridges - Sharon HUTCHINSON Building bridgesBuilding bridges  "Building bridges" / Brooks & Dunn Building Bridges Line Dance mit Wippi
Harlem Blues - The Dreamers (Août 2014) Harlem bluesHarlem blues  "Harlem river blue" / Justin townes Earle Harlem Blues
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O - Maggie Gallagher Raggle taggle gypsy 0Raggle taggle gypsy 0  "Raggle taggle gypsy" / Derek Ryan Raggle Taggle Gypsy O - Linedance
Easy Foot - Lolita TOURNATORY Easy footEasy foot  "The fool in me" / The Pontchartrain Wreeks Easy Foot - Line Dance (Dance & Teach)
JR - Gabi IBANEZ JRJR  "All you need is me" / Joey & Rory JR Line Dance
Tag On - David VILLELLAS Tag onTag on  "Too strong to break" / Beccy Cole Tag On
AY AY AY - David VILLELLAS Ay ay ayAy ay ay  "Navajo rug" / Brett Kissel Ay Ay Ay
Little Bit Cajun - Rob Fowler 2014 Little bit cajunLittle bit cajun  "Empty" / Tim Redmond Little Bit Cajun - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)
Sunbeam - Bruno Moggia 2014 SunbeamSunbeam  "Sunbeam" / Jack County Sunbeam
Train of Dreams - The Dreamers 2015 Train of dreamsTrain of dreams  "Trains I missed" / Walt Wilkins Train Of Dreams
Forever Linked - The Southern Gang Fév. 2015 Forever linkedForever linked  "Don't try to find me" / Jamie Richards FOREVER LINKED
Smiling - Marta Agut - 1er Prix Cavaillon 2015 SmilingSmiling  "Anytime I'm smilling" / Sonny Burgess Smiling - David Villellas
Just a Girl - Séverine Fillion & Arnaud Marrafa Just a girlJust a girl  "Just a girl" / Lady Antebellum JUST A GIRL - Séverine Fillion & Arnaud Marraffa
Old Beach Roller Coaster - Martina Ecke (août 2014) Old beach roller coasterOld beach roller coaster  "Roller coaster" / Luke Bryanr Old Beach Roller Coaster (Demo) Cours Sev Billy Bobs 04-09-2014
Last Cowboy - Silvia Calsina (janvier 2015) Last cowboyLast cowboy "Last living cowboy" / Toby Keith LAST COWBOY - Dance & Teach
Full bottle of Rum - Séverine Fillion (janvier 2015) Full bottle of rumFull bottle of rum "One full bottle of rum" / Adam Harvey FULL BOTTLE OF RUM - Séverine Fillion