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Baby Belle - Gaye Teather Baby belleBaby belle "The Belle of Liverpool" / Derek Ryan Baby Belle
San Antonio Stroll - Robert Wanstreet Mai 2008 San antonio strollSan antonio stroll  "San Antonio stroll" / Tanya Tucker  SAN ANTONIO STROLL
Meat & Potato Man - Karen Tripp Meat and potato manMeat and potato man  "Meat and patato man- When somebody loves you" / Alan Jackson  Meat and Potato Man
An Absolute Dream - Joyce Plaskett Ang. Juin 2012 An absolute dreamAn absolute dream "Land of dream" / Rosanne Cash  An Absolute Dream
A one way Ticket - Séverine Fillion Oct. 2013 A one way ticketA one way ticket "One way ticket" / Billy Currington  A ONE WAY TICKET
Don't look good naked - Eddie Huffman Août 2014 Don t look good nakedDon t look good naked  "I don't look good naked any more" / The Snake Oil Willie Band  Don't Look Good Naked
Bullfrog on a Log - Cef Decaney Bullfrog on a logBullfrog on a log  "Got a feeling" / The Hicks Feat Blackjack Billy  Bullfrog on a log
My friend Jack - Adrian Helliker My friend JackMy friend Jack  "My friend Jack" / Dave Sheriff  My Friend Jack ( Adrian Helliker Fr )
Just Add Moonlight - Maggie Gallagher GB Avril 2014 Just add moonlightJust add moonlight  "Just add moonlight" / Eli Young Band  JUST ADD MOONLIGHT
Trick Rider - Bruno Morel Trick riderTrick rider  "Trick rider" / Johnny Brady  Trick Rider
Another Song - Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Another songAnother song  "Another song I had to write" / Jacob Lyda  ANOTHER SONG
Perfectly in the Sweet Spot - Rep Ghazali-Meaney Perfectly in the sweet spotPerfectly in the sweet spot  "Sweet spot" / Sara Evans  Perfectly In The Sweet Spot
Fall in Love - Pat Stott Ang. Nov. 2013 Fall in loveFall in love  "Never gonna fall in love" / Tim Redmond Ft Rick Guard  Fall In Love
Any Other Way - Marie Sorensen & Adrian Helliker Any other wayAny other way "I wouldn't have in any other way" / Aaron Tippin  Any Other Way - Linedance - SparkleDevils - Erfurt
Music Memories - Doumé Esposito Music memoriesMusic memories "Springsteen" / Erich Church  Pas de vidéo pour l'instant
All about a Woman - Maggie Gallagher Juillet 2014 All about a womanAll about a woman  "Don't ask me about a woman" / Easton Corbin  ALL ABOUT A WOMAN
Look Around - Bruno Morel Look aroundLook around  "Take a look around" / Shane O'Dazier  LOOK AROUND
Walking Backwards - Robbie McGowan Hickie Walking backwardsWalking backwards  "Walking backwards" / Brandon Sandefur  Walking Backwards
The King in Town - Adrian Helliker - Fr 2014 The king in townThe king in town  "The king in town" / Shane Morkin  The King In Town
Sutter's Mill - K¨Beudou 2012 Sutter s millSutter s mill  "Sutter's Mill" / Dan Fogelberg  Sutter's Mill
Play it Again - Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett Play it againPlay it again  "Play it again" / Luke Bryan ou Rednex (Remix)  Play It Again
Just a little Love - Maggie Gallagher - Août 2013 Just a little loveJust a little love  "Just a little love" / Derek Ryan  JUST A LITTLE LOVE
Long Pride - Adriano Castagnoli Long prideLong pride  "It's gonna take a little bit longer" / Neal McCoy  Long Pride
Country - Guy Dubé & Denis Henley CountryCountry  "Country" / Mo Pitney  Country (Filmé a Monteux, 21 Mars 2015)
Angel of the Night - Lorna Mursell (juin 2014) Angel of the nightAngel of the night  "Angel of the night" / Derek ryan  Angel Of The Night
Carved in Stone - Dee Musk (UK 2015) Carved in stoneCarved in stone "Don't think I wouldn't" / Mark Wills Carved In Stone