Fearless Mom's - The Southern Gang Fearless mom'sFearless mom's "I call it gone" / Teresa Rose Riley FEARLESS MOM'S
Muntsa - David Villellas MuntsaMuntsa "Kids forever" / Sunny Cowgirls MUNTSA COUNTRY LINE DANCE

You Got that Thang - Rachaël McEnaney (UK-Fév. 2013)

You got that thangYou got that thang "You got that thang" / Uncle Kracker You Got That Thang - Linedance
Jacket Joe - Esther & José Jacket joeJacket joe "Trapper Jacket Joe" / George McAnthony JACKET JOE
Green Grass - Magali Chabret (Fév. 2013) Green grassGreen grass "Green grass" / Chris Garrick Green grass - line dance
Bruises - Niels Poulsen (Danemark fév. 2013) BruisesBruises "Bruises" / Train Feat Ashley Monroe Bruises - Line Dance
Because It's Country - Angie Jahannault Because it s countryBecause it s country "Because it's country" / Pierre Lorry Because It's Country --- Santa susanna 2013
Smile Again - David Villellas Smile againSmile again "Sweet, sweet smile" / The Carpenters - "I fell in love" / Carlene Carter SMILE AGAIN . CHORE DE DAVID VILLELLAS. MUSIQUE SWEET SWEET SMILE BY SHARON B.
Hey Man - Darren "Daz" Bailey (UK Mars 2011) Hey manHey man "Hey Man" / Kevin Costner & Modern West Hey Man.wmv
A drink in my hand - Sandy Goodman A drink in my handA drink in my hand "Drink in my hand" / Eric Church A Drink In My Hand - Linedance
Water - Darren Bailey WaterWater "Water" / Brad Paisley Water - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)
Drowning - Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Wil Bos DrowningDrowning "The swimming song" / O'Shea Drowning line dance
Dance of Love - Maggie Gallagher - Janv. 2013 Dance of loveDance of love "Dance of love" / Ronan Hardiman Dance of Love - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)
New String - West Catalan Crew New stringNew string "New string" / Miranda Lambert NEW STRINGS - West Catalan Crew
Wake Up ! - Syndie Berger - Juil. 2013 Wake upWake up "Wake up" / The Wolfe Brothers Wake Up (Demo) Cours MCS Billy Bobs 17-10-2013
Km0 - David Villellas Km 0Km 0 "Girl next door" / Sonny Burgess Km0 - CSG
The Rangers - Ophélie & Amélie Guiton The rangersThe rangers "The eyes of the ranger" / George McAnthony The Rangers Line Dance Country
Better Times - Pat Scott & Vikki Morris (2013) Better timesBetter times "Better times a comin" / Derek Ryan Better Times
Black Boots - Anna Balaguer Black bootsBlack boots

"I wanna be your man forever" / Keith Urban (Rapide)

"Young enough to know it all" / Chad Brock (lente)

What it Ain't - Edmée Myriam & Dominic Tournatory What it ain tWhat it ain t What it ain t"What it ain't" / Josh Turner PAS DE VIDEO
See you Again - Dan Albro (Mai 2012) See you againSee you again "See you again" / Carrie Underwood Sea You Again Line Dance Demo - Dan Albro
Southern - Bruno Morel SouthernSouthern "Trouble is a woman" / Julie Reeves SOUTHERN
You Ain't Alone - Guillaume Richard You ain t aloneYou ain t alone "You ain't alone " Toby Keith You Ain't Alone - Guillaume RICHARD
Getaway - Jena Mckinney & Margaret Anson GetawayGetaway "Runaway" / Love & Theft PAS DE VIDEO
Fresh Start - Bruno Morel Fresh startFresh start "Into the wind" / Brenn Hill Fresh Start
It's hard to be Cool - Severine Fillion - Fév 2014 It s hard to be coolIt s hard to be cool "Hard to be cool" / Joe Nichols IT'S HARD TO BE COOL
Just Married - Silvia Calsina (avr. 2014) Just marriedJust married "Toothbrush" / Brad paisley JUST MARRIED COUNTRY LINE DANCE