Call to dance - Cathy Dupont & Rémi Lemaire Call to danceCall to dance "The call to dance medley" / Irish Folk Music Call TO Dance (Irish)
Dancin' Time (Partner) Carol & George Stayte UK 2007 Dancin timeDancin time "Sailor boy" / George McAnthony DANCIN' TIME. ( Western Partner Dance )
Baby Blues - Tina Argyle UK Avril 2006 Baby bluesBaby blues "Blues about you baby" / Plain Loco BABY BLUES.Line Dance
Wagon Wheel Rock - Yvonne Anderson Août 2012 Wagon wheel rockWagon wheel rock "Wagon wheel". Nathan CarterWagon Wheel Rock - Linedance Wagon Wheel Rock - Linedance
Long time Gone - Pat Scott Angleterre Août 2013 Long time goneLong time gone "Long time gone" / Nathan Carter Long Time Gone - Line Dance (Demo & Walk Through)
The Final Test - Marie-Claude Gil The final testThe final test "The legend of Feral Kev and General Leeroy"/ Jayne Denham THE FINAL TEST Line Dance
Hey Brothers - Anthony Nieto & Michaël Desire Hey brothersHey brothers "Hey Brother" / Avicii HEY BROTHERS LINE DANCE
Less Travelled - The Dreamers Less travelledLess travelled "The road less travelled" / Graemme Connors LESS TRAVELLED - The Dreamers
Hot in here - Dan Albro Hot in hereHot in here "Hot in here" / Rascal Flatts Hot In Here Line Dance Demo - Dan Albro
Hippie & Cowboy - Adriano Castagnoli Hippie and cowboyHippie and cowboy "Hard to be a hippie" / Billy Currington Hippie & Cowboy - Adriano (Dance)
Go Crazy - Strikes Go crazyGo crazy "Makin' this boy go crazy" / Dylan Scott " Go Crazy "
Somewhere in my Car - Rachaël McEnaney Sept 2013 Somewhere in my carSomewhere in my car "Somewhere in my car" / Keith Urban Somewhere In My Car - Linedance
Mona Lisa - Daniel Whittaker UK Mars 2014 Mona lisaMona lisa "The Mona Lisa" / Brad Paisley Mona Lisa - Line Dance (Dance & Teach)
Mimi - Teki Anna Bolos Cardona MimiMimi "Chevy coupe" / Jim Witter MIMI - David Villellas
Building Bridges - Sharon Hutchinson Building bridgesBuilding bridges "Building bridges" / Brooks & Dunn PAS DE VIDEO